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Almost there, with finishing school and Brotherhood prerequisites. I've been trying. There are times when I become very low and don't want to do anything though. But its less than how I was before in 2012. I don't know if I said it before but the majority the time I'm not on here is because of my lacking of talking to people. I'm very self conscious of what I do and what I say on deviant and in life. Its just the way I am. But I'm slowly getting there, being social and all. I'm a little more willing to talk to others. In all honesty, I'm more of a "don't say anything till its done" type of person. I don't like to give bad news  or high hopes for things unless I'm actually working on it. In my last journal I probably said a couple sentences where I went all hyped and said I wasn't giving up on Brotherhood. Which is sort of true. Sort of as in: if anything major would to happen I'd put it to rest, but in hiatus. You can probably guess or have guessed I'm indecisive by now, hehe. Its true. Its whatever. 

I'm sorry for all the inactiveness. But school is dragging me away from drawing and such alike, so I'm only hindered to write or research things. I have been trying to work with the tablet I have but I have to get a new one still, cause' I'll be doing bigger projects soon and will need a more sensitive and bigger tablet. I have a medium bamboo create, which is ok. I still wish I could a little extra further in painting though, as drawing is just iffy. It gets by in some cases. Anyways, that said, I've done a few concepts with it and without. I'm not sure if I should post them now( indecisive again lol ) or later, since its not set in stone. 

I've been doing life studies! I've sketched a few geese around my school. I've also gotten some great advice from :iconkalambo: about studying animals. I've read a few books already about it. Even some instruction books about graphic novels and comics! Such as this one: So already I've been learning a lot that I didn't know. I also recommend this book: for drawing animals. I really want to get this book: but I don't have the money yet. I need to save up :]. Aside from this, my phone is messed up (dropped in cold water :p) so I can't take pictures as I like or show you what I'm working on. Just when I have the courage to too... In case your wondering, I sketched bucks, hummingbirds, huskies, people, and baby chick studies. People I did in school, while the others were from videos on Youtube. Search up live cameras for the animals you want to sketch and you should be good from there ;). These videos were good from this channel:…
With Brotherhood, I will mention Ryker's spiky hair is gone, as well as for others. They all look more like actual wolves now, heh. It just bothered me. He looks so much better. Why didn't I do that before!? xD 
Colors have also changed, names, location, and somewhat of the plot. Theme is much focused now too. Everything is coming along fine. I'll post the final character designs when concepts are done. Writing is going ok, I'm learning how to write a comic script and instead of my usual third person writing, the "he did this" "she did that" writing, lol. Though I know thats not what it really is.

Can't wait till my birthday. Will love it when I can finally use paypal and have my own money coming in :D.

Thats all for now though, will post another journal about progress soon. Thanks again.

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